Kennedy and RietveldJames Kennedy (real name Jim McCann), director of strategy (left), and Michael Rietveld, chief executive, Greenfield Project Management Ltd. Pictured at a Greenfield business gathering in 2008

Jim McCann, aka James Kennedy McCann, director of strategy, Greenfield Project Management Ltd

Alfred Michael Rietveld, chief executive, Greenfield Project Management Ltd
McCann’s living room/office in Hilversum, Netherlands
Painting of Kennedy McCann dressed as a Belarus nobleman of times past. He himself claimed the portrait was of him as Prince Grigory Potemkin, military leader, statesman, nobleman and favorite of Catherine the Great, and was presented to him by a grateful Belarus government. Fittingly, since Potemkin too was a conman who fooled his sovereign by building fake villages along the Volga for her to see during her grand tour
Kennedy’s or McCann’s business card
Rietveld’s business card

Rietveld is being investigated by the Dutch fiscal authorities and the public prosecution service. Kennedy or McCann is on the run, spotted once in Portugal and later in southern Spain. Early in 2012 there was some evidence that he had taken up residence in France.

Some recent reports suggest that McCann may have returned to the Netherlands, as the Prosecution Service there had decided that criminal charges against him and Rietveld could not be pursued due to “insufficient evidence”.

However, early in 2013 an informant claimed that McCann has no money and is begging from former friends in Paris.

He subsequently set up a new scam, based in the south of France, but this was disrupted by our group in 2014 and McCann fled to Belgium.

Rietveld is now bankrupt as a result of court findings and his company, Magpie Beheer BV, has been put into liquidation as insolvent by the same courts.

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