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Jim McCann’s profile on Google+

13 Aug

Jim McCann’s profile on Google+

James Kennedy-McCann aka Jim McCann
Lives in France
  • Crumlin Road Prison, Belfast
    Escapology, 1972 – 1972
  • Wuppertal High Security Prison
    Zen, 1991 – 1993

James Kennedy is James McCann is Jim McCann

25 Jul

Jim McCann alias James Kennedy.

James Kennedy alias Jim McCann.

James Kennedy alias James McCann.

No matter which way you slice and dice it, James Kennedy is Jim McCann, full name James Joseph McCann, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 25 March 1939.

Jim McCann James Kennedy

He calls himself James — James Kennedy. But he is Jim McCann, or James McCann, full name James Joseph McCann


We state this plainly in the hope it will help people who meet this man calling himself James Kennedy. See, the funny thing is, he will tell you lots of stories of his exploits, his business success, his time with ABN-Amro, his time as a lobbyist at the European Commission, and many other fairy stories — the movie business, the oil business (he owned an oil well, just like George Bush), but never his real businesses under his real name.

So you might wonder about all this, and you might Google ‘James Kennedy’. And you would find nothing — absolutely NOTHING that matches his stories.

However, if you Google ‘James Kennedy alias’, you will find plenty. But again, not all of it will match his stories. Oh, no.

McCann on the run: down and out in Paris?

3 Apr

ImageAn informant tells us that James Kennedy McCann, Jim McCann, is now broke, living in Paris, and trying to sponge off former “friends” who mostly try to avoid him.

Sad situation for a man who turned 74 on 25 March last. Anyhow, anybody who is looking for him should concentrate on France, and particularly Paris. The country and the city were always his favourite refuge.

In other news, we hear from another source that Michael Rietveld is also in hiding.

The final sad humiliation

16 Apr

The first step in the last sad act of the Greenfield saga occurred on a Sunday. On 15 April 2012 the Companies Registration Office in Ireland struck off Eurasia Energy Project (EEP) Ltd from its register of companies. Five days later, the Registrar dissolved EEP.

This was the company set up by the directors of Greenfield to administer the planned programme to remediate the territory of Belarus contaminated by nuclear fallout from the Chernobyl explosion in 1986. The principle involved was simple — to use repeated cropping of biomass grown in the contaminated zones to extract radioactive particles from the soil, thus reducing the length of time it would take to get the land back into condition for normal, everyday use.

By having an industrial process, such as distillation of bioethanol for fuel, as the user of the crop, the entire crop could be consumed leaving only a storable residue of relatively low-level waste.

Agriculture is not possible in much of the contaminated zone as the levels of radioactivity in crops exceeds safe consumption levels.

The Greenfield bosses even appointed a programme director employed by EEP in 2008 — on the eve of the anniversary of the explosion. She was Ms Iryna Ananich, a very well qualified Belarus national who had previously worked with the UNDP in the country. Needless to say, the terms of her contract were soon breached and by the end of the year she was already lodging complaints with Rietveld and Kennedy about failures to pay her agreed salary. (http://bit.ly/HGZH1h)

This moment was inevitable, but it is still a sad one.

We remain convinced that the original Greenfield project was a very viable one, and also that field research would have proven that the notion of using biofuels as a means to decontaminate the Chernobyl lands could work.

It is a great source of sadness to us that Michael Rietveld and James McCann (Kennedy), by taking control of the project and turning it from a viable business proposition into a fraud and a scam, destroyed this possibility.

Academia Foundation is struck off Dutch companies register

27 Mar

The Academia Foundation (“stichting”) has been removed from the register of the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam following liquidation proceedings in connection with the entity.

The “Stichting Academia Foundation” was struck off the register on the rather appropriate date of 1 April 2011. Thus, it no longer exists.

The Strike-out Decision is appended below (original Dutch document) together with the history of the Foundation as listed in the KvK records.


Wikipedia on James McCann before some brutal editing

27 Mar

Below is the text of an earlier and more comprehensive entry on James McCann in Wikipedia. It has since been edited to a much shorter and less comprehensive article, showing some bias in a) erasing or diminishing McCann’s connections to the IRA in Northern Ireland; and b) diminishing the involvement of Howard Marks and Roger Reaves in the Telmo smuggling attempt.

James Joseph “Jim” McCann (born 25 March 1939 in Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a figure who has been linked with Irish republicanismdrug trafficking[1] and the smuggling of arms to the Provisional IRA in the 1970s.[2]

McCann has dual UK and Irish citizenship, and uses an Irish passport. In 1971 he escaped from Belfast’s Crumlin Road Prison, where he was awaiting trial for a petrol-bombing at Queen’s University.[3] Prominent drugs trafficker Howard Marks was involved with McCann for several years in smuggling hashish from Afghanistan through Irish ports, specifically Shannon Airport, to the UK via Milford HavenWales.[4] He was imprisoned at various times in GermanyFranceCanadaNorthern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on drug- or IRA-related matters.[5] He was described as, “possibly the most effective arms supplier” for the IRA in the 1970s.[2] The Provisional IRA reportedly punished him for his involvement in the drug trade with a beating. He was arrested in the Irish Republic in 1979 on a drugs trafficking charge and held in Portlaoise Prison, but was not convicted. He was resident in the Netherlands from at least 1993.

McCann has used several aliases in the course of his career, the most well-known being ‘James Kennedy’, and has sometimes been known as ‘Kennedy-McCann’ or ‘Kennedy McCann’. He has also used the names Gustave Robert Baehr, Peter Carrington, and Mr Peters.

James McCann

McCann in cyclist’s gear in Amsterdam, 2010

Criminal convictions

While accused of many offences, McCann was convicted of only one serious offence since coming to prominence in the 1970s, before which he had been convicted only of a string of minor offences, such as passing dud cheques and/or breaking and entering, in Britain in the 1960s.

On Saturday 2 March 1991, McCann was arrested in a hotel in Dusseldorf, Germany, under the name of Robert Gustave Baehr. Identified by his fingerprints as James McCann, he was charged with being a member of a criminal gang, with smuggling 1,528 kilogrammes of hashish from Morocco to England in March 1988, and with possession of two false passports and small quantities of cannabis and cocaine at the time of arrest.[6]

At his trial before the Dusseldorf Amtsgericht, evidence was given that McCann had joined with Howard Marks and an American, William Roger Reaves, to supply the hash as part of a shipment on board a motor vessel, the Telmo, organised by Reaves and destined for the London market. Reaves and others had already been convicted in German courts. Marks, extradited to the USA on other charges, was never tried for this offence.[7]

In December 1992, after 21 months on remand, McCann was found guilty of participating in “a criminal gang whose purpose was to traffic in considerable amounts of narcotics” and of possession of false passports and quantities of cocaine and cannabis. McCann was sentenced to three years for the drugs trafficking charge and six months each on the other charges, six of which were concurrent. As he had already served almost half the 42-month sentence in detention, he was released shortly afterwards and returned to the Netherlands, where he had lived since the late 1980s.[8]

Under the name of James Kennedy McCann, he was a member of the Republic of Belarus official delegation to a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference in The Hague in 2000.[5]

His company (Greenfield Project Management Ltd), since struck off [6], had attracted funds in the Netherlands, putatively to build bioethanol plants in Belarus. It collapsed after the Belarus Government withdrew support in 2009 following its failure to raise investment finance, leaving debts of at least €3 million. [7] McCann had acted as Director of Strategy of this company.

Struck off one week, dissolved the next

29 Sep


Greenfield Project Management Ltd

17 Dec 2005 — 23 Sept 2011

That did not take the Companies Registration Office very long.

They strike off Greenfield on 18 September, then five days later dissolve the company. They may take a while to investigate these things, but when they make a decision they act fast. Bye-bye, Greenfield…


However, even at the CRO it’s not yet ‘GAME OVER’. A sister company still exists.

This is Eurasia Energy Project (EEP) Ltd, also with Michael Rietveld listed as director. Company number 417115. This one, oddly enough, had accounts filed as late as last year for the year 2009, while Greenfield filed no accounts after those for 2008.

The purpose of this company, if it had ever been activated, would have been to develop the bio-remediation aspect of the Belarus project, aimed at removing radioactivity from the soil by repeated cropping of biomass for production of biofuels.


Same accommodation address, same secretary. A change of director was filed effective from 1 July 2010, presumably as a result of the departure of Mrs Anne McClain, also a director of EEP, from Greenfield around the same time.

Greenfield is not even a ghost

23 Sep

Finally, Greenfield Project Management Ltd was removed from the list of registered companies by Ireland’s Companies Registration Office on 18 September 2011.

Greenfield no longer exists even as a ‘ghost’ company.


No more Greenfield: the company bites the dust

12 Jul

THE REGISTRAR OF LIMITED COMPANIES in Ireland has listed Greenfield Project Management Ltd as a company the agency intends to strike off the register of companies for failures of compliance and corporate governance. No surprise there, as the former auditors to Greenfield submitted a notice to the CRO in 2010 that the company’s submitted accounts did not reflect its true position, and no accounts were filed by the due date in 2010.


The game truly is over…


James Kennedy McCann: smuggler, drug trafficker and gun runner

10 Jul

Also known as Jim McCann, James McCann, James Kennedy and ‘Mr Peters’: BEWARE!! CON-MAN, CROOK and THIEF…




Jim McCann: in 2010 as a 71-year-old cyclist


Jim McCann: in the ‘old days’ as an IRA activist

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