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Eight Decades And We’re Not Yet Counting Him Out

24 Apr

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 2.34.03 p.m.

MARCH 25 rolled around again, as it does each year. James Kennedy Campbell — as he now styles himself — woke up early, put on his Lycra gear, and took his bike for a wee spin.

Down to a nearby park.

Little did he know he was being watched.

Yup, as it happened a Greenfield creditor was on a visit to the Laren/Blaricum area and happened to be walking into the park as Jimbo rode out the Laren gate. He recognised the perp and decided to follow him.

It wasn’t that easy, as Jimbo was going quite fast, so our colleague thought fast and took a chance. He doubled back to the far gate and waited, and sure enough not long passed before McCann returned, looking a little wheezy and going much slower.

Our friend tried to keep up, but when he entered the Bijvank district he lost the old conman in the maze of suburban streets, laid out not in a grid but in a more complex series of curves and culs-de-sac.

What a shame! But one of these days, we will find his address. And the plus point of this encounter is that it confirms what we had heard about him, that he has been living back in his old stomping grounds around Amsterdam and trying the old short con trick on various parties, including some Lithuanian artists and an exhibition space owner in Maastricht.

Anybody out there who encountered James Campbell? We have a bit of news for you — he is not James Campbell, but James McCann, Gustave Baehr, Jim Kennedy, Joseph Carrington, James Grieve, and a host of others, at least in terms of passports.

In reality, he is of course James Joseph McCann, born in Belfast on 25 March 1939 and a notorious conman, arms dealer and drugs trafficker. BEWARE!!

And if you do meet him — let us know the details.


A HAPPY 76th BIRTHDAY to James “Jim” McCann

25 Mar McCann with Louise Habbah

TODAY, 25 March 2015, is Jim McCann’s birthday.

He is 76 years old today. Still running, still ducking and diving.

A man who should be retired long ago, enjoying the company of his grandchildren and daughters — he’s still on the run, wanted, hunted, and despised.

To help out anyone who is looking for him, or who encounters a strangely suspicious man with a plan and a Belfast, Northern Ireland, accent, today we publish for the first time the most recent photographs we have been able to obtain.

All of them date from 2011 to 2013, when McCann, or Kennedy, or Campbell, or whatever he is calling himself at this moment, was hiding out in the South of France pursued by Dutch, Irish, Swedish and Belgian creditors.

Jim McCann with snake

Jim McCann on the French Riviera, 1 April 2013, with a snake he found. Ironic remarks are invited…

Jim McCann on his touring bicycle

Jim McCann in the south of France, 1 April 2012

Jim McCann with satsuma

Taking a break from the cycling, April Fool’s Day 2012

Jim McCann getting ready for dinner

Groomed for dinner? Jim McCann with photograph of his mentor

Jim McCann and Astri Blokbergen

August 8 2013: Jim McCann with a girlfriend, Dutch sculptor Astri Blokbergen, who came to visit him in Montpellier. James hoped to get her to buy the small sculptures displayed on the table, but she wouldn’t part with the money.
The sculptures were made by Abraham Habbah, well-known Iraqi sculptor based in France since 1955.
How did McCann acquire them? He stole them from the artist’s widow in 2011, after persuading her to finance a supposed “project” about her deceased husband. When Madame Habbah finally turned off the money tap, McCann fled, taking a stash of valuable sculptures with him.

Jim McCann

Jim McCann, or James K Campbell as he now styles himself, in July 2013

Jim McCann

In Cannes during the Film Festival — 19 May 2013

Jim McCann

Preparing to leave Cannes on his bike, McCann can’t help making a rude gesture

And in case anyone finds it hard to believe that James McCann would rob an old lady of her life’s capital, here is a photograph of him attending the opening of the house of Abraham Habbah’s former patron, Camille Renault, on 14 May 2011. Louise Habbah is in the centre, with McCann behind.

McCann with Louise Habbah

James Kennedy McCann, or James K Campbell, lurks in the background behind Louise Habbah at the opening of the house of art patron Camille Renault to the public, 14 July 2011

A description of the opening of Camille Renault’s house is available here: bit.ly/1BKUeRU

Jim McCann and Louise Habbah, his victim for art theft and fraud

That predator’s eye watches everything…


Jim McCann, James Kennedy, etc etc

23 Aug

Jim McCann JimGreece

James Kennedy, real name Jim McCann — conman, drug trafficker, arms dealer and ‘one of the craziest and most dangerous men I have ever met’
— Felix de Mendelssohn


Jim McCann’s profile on Google+

13 Aug

Jim McCann’s profile on Google+

James Kennedy-McCann aka Jim McCann
Lives in France
  • Crumlin Road Prison, Belfast
    Escapology, 1972 – 1972
  • Wuppertal High Security Prison
    Zen, 1991 – 1993

McCann’s BFF

5 Aug

Nice short clip outlining the career of Howard Marks up to his acquittal at the Old Bailey in 1981.

See here: http://bit.ly/1emYlJ3

Jim McCann / James Kennedy on Wikipedia: finally, an update covering the Greenfield scam

4 Aug

A much-improved version of the James McCann entry on Wikipedia. 

It still omits a great deal about his career, especially his arms dealing on behalf of the IRA in Northern Ireland, but at least the Greenfield scam and its aftermath are now included.

James McCann (drugs trafficker)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jim McCann in cycling gear, Amsterdam 2010, aged 70

James Joseph “Jim” McCann (born 25 March 1939 in Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a figure who has been linked with Irish republicanism, drug trafficking[1] and the smuggling of arms to the Provisional IRA in the 1970s.[2]


McCann has dual British and Irish citizenship, and uses an Irish passport. In 1971 he escaped from Belfast’s Crumlin Road Prison, where he was awaiting trial for a petrol-bombing at Queen’s University.[3]

Prominent drugs trafficker Howard Marks was involved with McCann for several years in smuggling hashish from Afghanistan through Irish ports, specifically Shannon Airport, to the UK via Milford Haven in Wales.[4] He was imprisoned at various times in Germany, France, Canada, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on drug- or political violence-related matters.[5]

He was described as “possibly the most effective arms supplier” for the IRA in the 1970s.[2] He was arrested in the Republic of Ireland in 1979 on a drugs trafficking charge and held in Portlaoise Prison, but was not convicted.

On 2 March 1991, McCann was arrested in a hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany, under the name of Robert Gustave Baehr. Identified by his fingerprints as James McCann, he was charged with being a member of a criminal gang, with smuggling 1,528 kilogrammes of hashish from Morocco to England in March 1988, and with possession of two false passports and small quantities of cannabis and cocaine.[6] In December 1992, after 21 months on remand, McCann was found guilty of participating in “a criminal gang whose purpose was to traffic in considerable amounts of narcotics” and of possession of false passports and quantities of cocaine and cannabis. McCann was sentenced to three years for the drugs trafficking charge and six months each on the other charges, six of which were concurrent. As he had already served almost half the 42-month sentence in detention, he was released shortly afterwards and traveled to the Netherlands.[7]

Under the name of James Kennedy McCann, he was a member of the Republic of Belarus official delegation to a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference in The Hague in 2000[8]. A company he was involved in, Greenfield Project Management Ltd, since struck off[1], had attracted funds in the Netherlands, putatively to build bioethanol plants in Belarus. It collapsed after the Belarus Government withdrew support in 2009 following Greenfield’s failure to raise investment finance, leaving debts of at least €3 million. McCann acted as Director of Strategy of this company.

In 2012 the Dutch newspaper, De Volkskrant, exposed Greenfield as a fraud conducted by its chief executive Michael Rietveld and director of strategy James McCann in a comprehensive story. In an article in the Economics section of the paper on Saturday 31 March 2012, Economics Editor Erik Bloem detailed how McCann and Rietveld stole €150,000 from Belgian Marc Janssens, took in over €4 million from small investors in the Netherlands, ran up debts of over €3 million to creditors — and walked away when the Belarus government withdrew its support from Greenfield Project Management Ltd, and its project. [9]

The company was registered in Ireland, but not a single penny of the substantial sums it took from investors ever passed through the company’s accounts or were declared in mandatory annual returns. The Companies Registration Office struck off Greenfield Project Management Ltd from the companies register in 2011, following complaints to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement and a filing by the company’s former auditors that its accounts were suspect. [10]

The Dutch public prosecution service and the FIOD (Financial Intelligence and Investigation Service, part of the Taxation Authority) spent more than six months investigating the misdeeds of the two directors, but decided they had not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges.[9] McCann is on the run, believed to be living in the south of France, and Rietveld’s whereabouts are unknown. Belgian police continue their investigations into the theft from Mr Janssens.


McCann has used several aliases in the course of his career, the most well-known being “James Kennedy”, and has sometimes been known as “Kennedy-McCann” or “Kennedy McCann”.


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James Kennedy is James McCann is Jim McCann

25 Jul

Jim McCann alias James Kennedy.

James Kennedy alias Jim McCann.

James Kennedy alias James McCann.

No matter which way you slice and dice it, James Kennedy is Jim McCann, full name James Joseph McCann, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 25 March 1939.

Jim McCann James Kennedy

He calls himself James — James Kennedy. But he is Jim McCann, or James McCann, full name James Joseph McCann


We state this plainly in the hope it will help people who meet this man calling himself James Kennedy. See, the funny thing is, he will tell you lots of stories of his exploits, his business success, his time with ABN-Amro, his time as a lobbyist at the European Commission, and many other fairy stories — the movie business, the oil business (he owned an oil well, just like George Bush), but never his real businesses under his real name.

So you might wonder about all this, and you might Google ‘James Kennedy’. And you would find nothing — absolutely NOTHING that matches his stories.

However, if you Google ‘James Kennedy alias’, you will find plenty. But again, not all of it will match his stories. Oh, no.

McCann on the run: down and out in Paris?

3 Apr

ImageAn informant tells us that James Kennedy McCann, Jim McCann, is now broke, living in Paris, and trying to sponge off former “friends” who mostly try to avoid him.

Sad situation for a man who turned 74 on 25 March last. Anyhow, anybody who is looking for him should concentrate on France, and particularly Paris. The country and the city were always his favourite refuge.

In other news, we hear from another source that Michael Rietveld is also in hiding.

The final sad humiliation

16 Apr

The first step in the last sad act of the Greenfield saga occurred on a Sunday. On 15 April 2012 the Companies Registration Office in Ireland struck off Eurasia Energy Project (EEP) Ltd from its register of companies. Five days later, the Registrar dissolved EEP.

This was the company set up by the directors of Greenfield to administer the planned programme to remediate the territory of Belarus contaminated by nuclear fallout from the Chernobyl explosion in 1986. The principle involved was simple — to use repeated cropping of biomass grown in the contaminated zones to extract radioactive particles from the soil, thus reducing the length of time it would take to get the land back into condition for normal, everyday use.

By having an industrial process, such as distillation of bioethanol for fuel, as the user of the crop, the entire crop could be consumed leaving only a storable residue of relatively low-level waste.

Agriculture is not possible in much of the contaminated zone as the levels of radioactivity in crops exceeds safe consumption levels.

The Greenfield bosses even appointed a programme director employed by EEP in 2008 — on the eve of the anniversary of the explosion. She was Ms Iryna Ananich, a very well qualified Belarus national who had previously worked with the UNDP in the country. Needless to say, the terms of her contract were soon breached and by the end of the year she was already lodging complaints with Rietveld and Kennedy about failures to pay her agreed salary. (http://bit.ly/HGZH1h)

This moment was inevitable, but it is still a sad one.

We remain convinced that the original Greenfield project was a very viable one, and also that field research would have proven that the notion of using biofuels as a means to decontaminate the Chernobyl lands could work.

It is a great source of sadness to us that Michael Rietveld and James McCann (Kennedy), by taking control of the project and turning it from a viable business proposition into a fraud and a scam, destroyed this possibility.

Volkskrant exposes Greenfield fraud

11 Apr

The premier quality Dutch newspaper, De Volkskrant, has exposed the fraud conducted by Michael Rietveld and James McCann in a comprehensive story.

In an article in the Economics section of the paper on Saturday 31 March 2012, Economics Editor Erik Bloem detailed how McCann and Rietveld stole €150,000 from Belgian Marc Janssens, took in over €4 million from small investors in the Netherlands, ran up debts of over €3 million to creditors — and walked away when the Belarus government withdrew its support from their company, Greenfield Project Management Ltd, and its project.

Unfortunately, even though the Dutch public prosecution service and the FIOD (Financial Intelligence and Investigation Service, part of the Taxation Authority) have spent six months investigating the crimes of these two fraudsters, they have now decided they have not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges. In any case, McCann is on the run, probably living in the south of Spain, and Rietveld’s whereabouts are unknown.

Belgian police continue their investigations.

Volkskrant 31 March 2012

A copy of the article in Dutch is provided below, with a link to a translation into English by the newspaper.

Download article in Dutch

Download English translation: Great Belarusian Disappearing Act

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