Greenfield Project Management Ltd, Ireland
Company number 412113
Registered at the Companies Registration Office:

Incorporated 7 December 2005
Struck off 18 September 2011
Dissolved 23 September 2011

Here is what the company posted on its former website, active from mid-2007 until late 2010:

Greenfield Project Management Ltd is an investment and project development company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ireland. Greenfield specialises in energy, with a regional focus on Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.
Our business is green energy.
Our immediate focus, under a joint venture agreement with the state-owned Belbiopharm company in the Republic of Belarus, is the construction of bioenergy facilities in Belarus to produce 570 million litres of bioethanol annually, together with biogas and green electricity. In conjunction with our offtake partner, the ethanol will be blended with petrol to make E5, E10 and E85 for thirsty European and local markets.

This turned out to be complete fantasy.

The directors, chief executive (Alfred) Michael Rietveld and director of strategy James Kennedy (real name James Joseph McCann or Jim McCann), adopted a strategy which doomed the project, concealed from the chairwoman and other officers the serious problems which emerged, and persisted in attempts to raise fresh capital under false pretences even after the company became insolvent.

Greenfield was insolvent from 2009 until the company closed in 2010. Its known debts exceed €3.3 million. In addition, there may be other debts to investors: CEO Michael Rietveld claimed that up to €4 million in capital has been invested in the company and spent on its Belarus project. The company has/had no assets and maintained what Rietveld called a ‘zero balance sheet’ in its Irish accounts.

Greenfield’s registered office in Ireland was an accommodation address provided by Company Formations International Ltd. A sister company of CFI Ltd acts as company secretary: Porema Ltd, at the same address — 22 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4.

Greenfield had a representative office in the Netherlands, located at Langestraat 101-A, 1211 GX Hilversum. It also for a period had a RO in Minsk, Belarus, but this was closed as early as 2009.

Former director and company chairwoman Ann McClain resigned in 2010 after she was made aware of the conduct of the company’s affairs by Rietveld and Kennedy/McCann. As Irish law requires two directors, she was replaced by another Dutch national, Alexander Schotten. His LinkedIn profile lists him as owner of Aguoro International.

The creditors include former officers of the company, consultants contracted to supply services but never paid, corporate ‘partners’ of Greenfield, and a UK publisher which has obtained a court judgment against Greenfield for a debt of stg£12,500 plus all legal costs.

According to the little information which has become available on the doings of Kennedy McCann and Rietveld, many small investors in the Netherlands may have put as much as €4 million into this enterprise. What little we know suggests they have lost all or most of this.

Rietveld was investigated by the Dutch fiscal authorities and the public prosecution service, but no prosecution ensued. Kennedy McCann is on the run, spotted once in Portugal and later in southern Spain.

McCann is believed to have taken up residence in France sometime in 2011. He left France again in 2013 and moved to Belgium. His present location is not known.



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