This is a group of creditors of the former Greenfield Project Management Ltd (based in Ireland) who are owed over €3.3 million by this failed company. These debts are those we know of — there may be more.

Throughout 2010, the company’s principals continued to attempt to persuade investors to put more money into its efforts to set up bioethanol facilities in Belarus, even though the Belarus government ceased to do business with the company as early as autumn 2009.

We warn anyone contacted by the former directors or representatives of this company to beware. It was a scam, it was already insolvent under Irish law from early 2009, was later struck off the Registry and has was dissolved in September 2011.

If you are contacted by any one of the following individuals claiming to represent Greenfield or any of its affiliates, we advise you insist on a full due diligence: James Kennedy (also known as James Kennedy McCann, James K Campbell, Mr Peters, Jim McCann); Alfred Michael Rietveld (uses Michael as first name); Alexander Schotten. Otherwise, you could be burned…

The creditors include former officers of the company, consultants contracted to supply services but never paid, corporate ‘partners’ of Greenfield, and a UK publisher which has obtained a court judgment against Greenfield for a debt of stg£12,500 plus all legal costs.

According to the little information which has become available on the doings of Kennedy McCann and Rietveld, many small investors in the Netherlands may have put as much as €4 million into this enterprise. What we know suggests they have lost all or most of this.

Rietveld has been investigated by the Dutch fiscal authorities and the public prosecution service. Kennedy or McCann is on the run, spotted once in Portugal and later in southern Spain. Early in 2011 there was some evidence that he had taken up residence in France.

This was later confirmed. McCann lived in Montpellier for two years, but left France in 2013. He lived in Belgium for some months, and may then have returned to the Netherlands. His present location is unknown.


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