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Alfred Michael Rietveld: bankrupt and broke

24 Jun

It’s just a few months since ‘James K Campbell’, otherwise known as Jim McCann, James Kennedy, James Kennedy McCann, Gustave Baehr, and so forth, celebrated his 77th birthday wherever he is in the world.

Now comes news that his former partner-in-crime, Michael Rietveld, is bankrupt and his company Magpie Beheer BV also ‘bankrupt’ or insolvent and thus stricken from the Dutch business register.

His full birth name is Alfred Michael Rietveld and he is listed here as insolvent after a court case in Arnhem, Netherlands, in 2014.

Interestingly, the court record gives his address as Lange Hofstraat 20A, 7201HV Zutphen. However, Rietveld is still using the address of the building next door, Lange Hofstraat 18, 7201 HV Zutphen which is, in fact, the address of his partner, Anne Wolterson, and their daughters.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.58.43

Lange Hofstraat 20A

In actuality, Rietveld lives at Langehofstraat 18 but maintains the pretence of living separately from his family in order to obtain whatever tax or other benefits from the Dutch state that attach to the partners being considered as ‘single’ or not ‘samenleving’ — living together. Still scamming!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 15.49.55


Lange Hofstraat 18

We also hear that he is trouble again with the courts and unpaid debts, but we don’t have details just yet.

So, folks — our warning still stands and is just as appropriate as when we started this site in 2010.

Rietveld and McCann are incorrigible conmen and fraudsters, and anybody who wants to keep their cash should beware of any involvement in their schemes or propositions, whether offered individually or jointly.


Rietveld also had a company, Magpie Beheer BV, which was used to take in money from unwary investors in Greenfield Project Management Ltd. Funds destined to be invested in Greenfield’s Belarus project were deposited in Magpie Beheer’s bank account in the Netherlands — contrary to Irish company law, which states that lodging company funds into a bank account other than one in the company’s name is, by legal definition in the Companies Acts, embezzlement and fraud.

Magpie Beheer BV is also now bankrupt and struck off the register.

Here are Google translations of summaries of the two court judgements:

Rietveld’s personal verdict:

Alfred Michael Rietveld (Limited Company) Zutphen (Achterhoek) with registration number 32,090,234 is a debt pronounced by the court in Arnhem. Appointed trustee is K. M. Hunter Van Goor. The insolvency number of this debt is R.14 / 818. Alfred Michael Rietveld is active in the sector Other financial services.
Verdict in the case of Magpie Beheer:
On 19-09-2014 the court declared the firm Magpie Management BV as insolvent, registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 32,090,234 and declared in debt, with the appointment of K. M. Hunter Van Goor as administrator. The insolvency number R.05 / 14/818. The legal form is a private company and this company’s main activity was 6612, Brokers / agents etc. in securities.
Kennedy and Rietveld
Michael Rietveld (right) with partner in crime Jim McCann, Hotel du Congres, Brussels 2008
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