A HAPPY 76th BIRTHDAY to James “Jim” McCann

25 Mar

TODAY, 25 March 2015, is Jim McCann’s birthday.

He is 76 years old today. Still running, still ducking and diving.

A man who should be retired long ago, enjoying the company of his grandchildren and daughters — he’s still on the run, wanted, hunted, and despised.

To help out anyone who is looking for him, or who encounters a strangely suspicious man with a plan and a Belfast, Northern Ireland, accent, today we publish for the first time the most recent photographs we have been able to obtain.

All of them date from 2011 to 2013, when McCann, or Kennedy, or Campbell, or whatever he is calling himself at this moment, was hiding out in the South of France pursued by Dutch, Irish, Swedish and Belgian creditors.

Jim McCann with snake

Jim McCann on the French Riviera, 1 April 2013, with a snake he found. Ironic remarks are invited…

Jim McCann on his touring bicycle

Jim McCann in the south of France, 1 April 2012

Jim McCann with satsuma

Taking a break from the cycling, April Fool’s Day 2012

Jim McCann getting ready for dinner

Groomed for dinner? Jim McCann with photograph of his mentor

Jim McCann and Astri Blokbergen

August 8 2013: Jim McCann with a girlfriend, Dutch sculptor Astri Blokbergen, who came to visit him in Montpellier. James hoped to get her to buy the small sculptures displayed on the table, but she wouldn’t part with the money.
The sculptures were made by Abraham Habbah, well-known Iraqi sculptor based in France since 1955.
How did McCann acquire them? He stole them from the artist’s widow in 2011, after persuading her to finance a supposed “project” about her deceased husband. When Madame Habbah finally turned off the money tap, McCann fled, taking a stash of valuable sculptures with him.

Jim McCann

Jim McCann, or James K Campbell as he now styles himself, in July 2013

Jim McCann

In Cannes during the Film Festival — 19 May 2013

Jim McCann

Preparing to leave Cannes on his bike, McCann can’t help making a rude gesture

And in case anyone finds it hard to believe that James McCann would rob an old lady of her life’s capital, here is a photograph of him attending the opening of the house of Abraham Habbah’s former patron, Camille Renault, on 14 May 2011. Louise Habbah is in the centre, with McCann behind.

McCann with Louise Habbah

James Kennedy McCann, or James K Campbell, lurks in the background behind Louise Habbah at the opening of the house of art patron Camille Renault to the public, 14 July 2011

A description of the opening of Camille Renault’s house is available here: bit.ly/1BKUeRU

Jim McCann and Louise Habbah, his victim for art theft and fraud

That predator’s eye watches everything…

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