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James Kennedy is James McCann is Jim McCann

25 Jul

Jim McCann alias James Kennedy.

James Kennedy alias Jim McCann.

James Kennedy alias James McCann.

No matter which way you slice and dice it, James Kennedy is Jim McCann, full name James Joseph McCann, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 25 March 1939.

Jim McCann James Kennedy

He calls himself James — James Kennedy. But he is Jim McCann, or James McCann, full name James Joseph McCann


We state this plainly in the hope it will help people who meet this man calling himself James Kennedy. See, the funny thing is, he will tell you lots of stories of his exploits, his business success, his time with ABN-Amro, his time as a lobbyist at the European Commission, and many other fairy stories — the movie business, the oil business (he owned an oil well, just like George Bush), but never his real businesses under his real name.

So you might wonder about all this, and you might Google ‘James Kennedy’. And you would find nothing — absolutely NOTHING that matches his stories.

However, if you Google ‘James Kennedy alias’, you will find plenty. But again, not all of it will match his stories. Oh, no.

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