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The final sad humiliation

16 Apr

The first step in the last sad act of the Greenfield saga occurred on a Sunday. On 15 April 2012 the Companies Registration Office in Ireland struck off Eurasia Energy Project (EEP) Ltd from its register of companies. Five days later, the Registrar dissolved EEP.

This was the company set up by the directors of Greenfield to administer the planned programme to remediate the territory of Belarus contaminated by nuclear fallout from the Chernobyl explosion in 1986. The principle involved was simple — to use repeated cropping of biomass grown in the contaminated zones to extract radioactive particles from the soil, thus reducing the length of time it would take to get the land back into condition for normal, everyday use.

By having an industrial process, such as distillation of bioethanol for fuel, as the user of the crop, the entire crop could be consumed leaving only a storable residue of relatively low-level waste.

Agriculture is not possible in much of the contaminated zone as the levels of radioactivity in crops exceeds safe consumption levels.

The Greenfield bosses even appointed a programme director employed by EEP in 2008 — on the eve of the anniversary of the explosion. She was Ms Iryna Ananich, a very well qualified Belarus national who had previously worked with the UNDP in the country. Needless to say, the terms of her contract were soon breached and by the end of the year she was already lodging complaints with Rietveld and Kennedy about failures to pay her agreed salary. (

This moment was inevitable, but it is still a sad one.

We remain convinced that the original Greenfield project was a very viable one, and also that field research would have proven that the notion of using biofuels as a means to decontaminate the Chernobyl lands could work.

It is a great source of sadness to us that Michael Rietveld and James McCann (Kennedy), by taking control of the project and turning it from a viable business proposition into a fraud and a scam, destroyed this possibility.

Volkskrant exposes Greenfield fraud

11 Apr

The premier quality Dutch newspaper, De Volkskrant, has exposed the fraud conducted by Michael Rietveld and James McCann in a comprehensive story.

In an article in the Economics section of the paper on Saturday 31 March 2012, Economics Editor Erik Bloem detailed how McCann and Rietveld stole €150,000 from Belgian Marc Janssens, took in over €4 million from small investors in the Netherlands, ran up debts of over €3 million to creditors — and walked away when the Belarus government withdrew its support from their company, Greenfield Project Management Ltd, and its project.

Unfortunately, even though the Dutch public prosecution service and the FIOD (Financial Intelligence and Investigation Service, part of the Taxation Authority) have spent six months investigating the crimes of these two fraudsters, they have now decided they have not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges. In any case, McCann is on the run, probably living in the south of Spain, and Rietveld’s whereabouts are unknown.

Belgian police continue their investigations.

Volkskrant 31 March 2012

A copy of the article in Dutch is provided below, with a link to a translation into English by the newspaper.

Download article in Dutch

Download English translation: Great Belarusian Disappearing Act

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