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No more Greenfield: the company bites the dust

12 Jul

THE REGISTRAR OF LIMITED COMPANIES in Ireland has listed Greenfield Project Management Ltd as a company the agency intends to strike off the register of companies for failures of compliance and corporate governance. No surprise there, as the former auditors to Greenfield submitted a notice to the CRO in 2010 that the company’s submitted accounts did not reflect its true position, and no accounts were filed by the due date in 2010.


The game truly is over…


James Kennedy McCann: smuggler, drug trafficker and gun runner

10 Jul

Also known as Jim McCann, James McCann, James Kennedy and ‘Mr Peters’: BEWARE!! CON-MAN, CROOK and THIEF…


Jim McCann: in 2010 as a 71-year-old cyclist


Jim McCann: in the ‘old days’ as an IRA activist

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