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Whooops!! The scammers have removed the photos from the property listing

11 Mar

We had a more detailed look at the estate agent’s listing for Langestraat 101 and found that, lo and behold, all photos of the interior of the property have been removed.

So what we said in the previous post would be puzzling to readers:

The main interior photo in the gallery is of Kennedy’s living room, complete with that portrait of him as a Belarus nobleman.”


This photo is no longer on the site, nor are the previous pictures of the kitchen, empty attic room, and other vacant rooms in the building. But of course, you can still see Kennedy McCann’s living room in our gallery of photos under ‘THE VILLAINS’ or on our Facebook pages.



Rietveld tries to sell his property?

11 Mar

We believe that Michael Rietveld owns the building on Langestraat in Hilversum, Netherlands, which Greenfield Project Management used as its “Representative Office” in that country since 2005 or earlier.

This building is now for sale. If Rietveld owes you money, now is the time to register your claim against him — if you can find him.

See here:

By a strange quirk of timing, you can see James Kennedy McCann in the Google Streetview picture of the building.

Click the image in the ‘For Sale’ ad, then scroll down to the Streetview picture. Click to move left in the initial view, and you’ll see Langestraat 101, with the Sahara Cafe on the ground floor. Look along the street stretching away from Langestraat and you can see a black-clad man at a doorway.

The Coat of Arms of Belarus Nederlands: Wapen ...

The Coat of Arms of Belarus Nederlands: Wapen van Wit-Rusland Русский: Герб Белоруссии Slovenščina: državni grb Belorusije Українська: Герб Білорусі (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is Jim McCann, or James Kennedy, whose apartment was in this building and was used as Greenfield’s office in Netherlands. The main interior photo in the gallery is of Kennedy’s living room, complete with that portrait of him as a Belarus nobleman.

He claims it was given him in recognition of his services to the Belarus government — now, if he were to cross the border into Belarus, his welcome would not be from the government but from the KGB.

Greenfield tries to play the phoenix

11 Mar

It appears that Alfred Michael Rietveld and James Kennedy McCann are trying to continue their scams. They now claim to have set up a new company, Greenfield Bioenergy, to continue the work of Greenfield Project Management. They have also registered several websites with Godaddy.

These sites are

In the page source, the “author” in all cases is Rob Linders of Artivisuals. Artivisuals is located here in Amsterdam. Artivisuals was the author of defunct Greenfield site and acted as webmaster for the company.

The text on the holding page for all these sites is the same, and no new pages have been added since 14 October 2010.
On that date, the hosting company Vevida in the Netherlands removed over 40 pages from the sites due to the fact that they contained false claims and lies about the company itself, about individuals previously associated with Greenfield, and about the Belarus Government’s alleged support for the company and its project.
The email address shown on these sites,, does not work. Any mail to this or other gfbioenergy email addresses are redirected to, the personal email of Michael Rietveld. However, as this address has been disabled or deleted, no contact is now possible.
This makes it even more important for anyone approached by these two crooks, or anyone representing them, to BEWARE!

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