What is the Greenfield creditors group?

19 Jan

This is a group of creditors of Greenfield Project Management Ltd (based in Ireland) who are owed over €3.3 million by this failed company. These debts are those we know of — there may be more.


Its principals continue to attempt to persuade investors to put more money into its efforts to set up bioethanol facilities in Belarus, even though the Belarus government will not do business with the company.


We warn anyone contacted by this company to beware. It is a scam, and already insolvent under Irish law. If you are contacted by any one of the following individuals representing Greenfield or any of its affiliates, we advise you insist on a full due diligence: James Kennedy; Michael Rietveld; Alexander Schotten. Otherwise, you could be burned.


Greenfield’s old website no longer exists. A website http://gfbioenergy.eu states that its new corporate structure will shortly be announced. This statement was first made in mid-2010, but there have been no developments since.


Michael Rietveld‘s tel no is +31 575514240 and his private email is mr.82060@gmail.com


James Kennedy does not answer any calls to his numbers. One possible mobile number: +33 601471131



More information at our Google profile: http://bit.ly/e0JuC7

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  1. lili babar 21/07/2011 at 8:12 pm #

    0601471131Flutter bye Tparty stoned


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